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Fees and Payments

Northern California DUI Attorneys

Fees and Payments

Affordable flat fees and hourly rates if you receive a DUI In California.

When we discuss your particular case, I'll also tell you about my fees. I know that the cost of an San Francisco Bay Area DUI Lawyer is an expense that you weren't planning on. So I offer fees at a flat rate to help you with your budgeting. You may also pay me by the hour.

I accept cash or checks. But you might be interested to know that for your convenience, I'll also gladly accept payment by credit card.

In any case, the first consultation with me is free, so there is no risk on your part-and you will learn just what your rights and options are as is with another San Francisco Bay Area DUI Lawyer. When we are finished, if you're not persuaded that I will be able to protect you to your complete satisfaction following California DUI Law, also providing California DMV DUI information, then you can simply decide not to hire me. I won't trouble you again . . . and you'll owe me nothing.

Some people do try to defend themselves without hiring a San Francisco Bay Area DUI Lawyer, but this is usually a mistake because the CA DUI penalties can be harsh. Good legal representation by a California DUI Attorney can decrease many of these concerns.

You can discover for yourself how as a knowledgeable San Francisco Bay Area DUI Lawyer, I can help save your license and freedom by calling me at 415-552-6000 or 800-901-1888.

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