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California DUI

California Drunk DrivingCA DUI laws and California DUI Penalties are so strict that the state leads the nation in DUI arrests. These laws are meant to cut the number of drunk driving cases. Victims and survivors of drunk driving crashes have supported the DUI Law. It is important to have strict CA DUI Laws so that drunk drivers are not allowed to put the lives of others at risk. A California DUI Lawyer must also be well educated in CA DUI laws, in order to provide you with a high quality defense.

Drunk driving is the most often committed violent crime in California. It is necessary to punish an offender under different CA DUI laws that try a person in line with this, including varying penalties if causing death, injury, or personal or property damage. This may include a Felony DUI In California.

CA DUI laws include specifics such as blood alcohol content level test, license suspension or revocation, checking of ignition interlocks device in the vehicle, field sobriety test to assess physical and mental alertness, and so on. First time offenders charged under California DUI law could be sentenced to jail with smallest fine. But a second DUI offense occurring within seven years of the first are dealt with more harsh law. It could be least ten days of jail and fines up to $11,000. And suspension of driving license for not less than three years.

CA DUI Laws have severe criminal penalties based on the severity of the outcome of DUI related crash or DUI In CA. One must also think about the emotional aspect that can affect the passing of DUI laws. California DUI laws have changed over the years to curb the increasing number of deaths and injuries occurring due to DUI related accidents.

CA DUI laws have been argued to be unconstitutional in that by assuming to find drivers guilty, a person loses his/her right to have a trial by jury. But at the same time it has been argued to be 'illegal per se'. Unfortunately, DUI accidents take an innocent life every thirty minutes, so it is argued that CA DUI laws should allow impartial jury trials.

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