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Police DUI Checkpoints Planned For Fair Weekend

Friday, September 29, 2006
By Michael Van Cassell

Hollister - The Hollister Police Department will be operating a sobriety checkpoint within the City of Hollister Friday from 7pm to 2am.

The police department hopes the checkpoint will deter motorists from driving under the influence. The check point will targets roads where there is a high frequency of drunk driving, according to the police department. All vehicle cross the check point will be stopped and checked.

"It's a good way to remind people to be safe and catch those who aren't," Hollister Police Captain Bob Brooks said.

Brooks said the San Benito County Fair this weekend, which is expected to draw several thousand people to Bolado Park in Tres Pinos, could create traffic safety issues. Officer are concerned primarily with the accidents and fatalities associated with drunk driving.

California ranks second in the country in alcohol-related fatalities. More than 34 percent of fatal traffic accidents caused by alcohol, according to the California Highway Patrol.

San Benito County DUI arrests were up to 361 in 2004 from 305 in 2001. Officials believe check points are an effective tool to combat DUIs alongside normal patrol operations.

Citizens may call (831)636-4331 to report drunk driving but are advised to wait until police have responded in order to give a statement.

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