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News in Brief from Northern California

Associated Press

SACRAMENTO - A woman who said she was a victim of the so-called Nor Cal rapist described the attack Monday in an effort to help police solve a series of sexual assaults in and around Sacramento over the past 15 years.

The woman and her roommate were attacked in their Natomas area home on Oct. 13, police said. That is the most recent attack linked to the suspect, whose identity and whereabouts remain unknown.

"Put a visual in your head of yourself being stalked by a total stranger unknowingly, having a gun pointed to your head, and being tied up inside your own home while being repeatedly threatened with your own life and raped for hours," the woman said at a news conference at Sacramento Police Department headquarters.

Her name has not been released.

Police said DNA evidence has linked the rapist to at least nine attacks, with incidents reported in Sacramento, Davis, Chico, Vallejo, Martinez and Rohnert Park.

Investigators said the rapist would often stalk his victims and become familiar with their routines before attacking them. He also occasionally stole the victims' ATM cards.

Many of the victims reported that the rapist acted apologetic, police said. In one known instance, he called his victim days after the attack to apologize.

Police hope the Natomas woman's public statements will encourage people to help with their investigation.

"I'm standing here because I believe in justice and I believe that justice will always win in the end," the woman told reporters and television cameras Monday. "I hope you do, too."

SACRAMENTO (AP) - Sacramento Kings coach Eric Musselman's arraignment on drunken-driving charges was postponed Monday after his lawyer requested more time to check the accuracy of Musselman's Breathalyzer test.

The first-year coach was arrested Oct. 21 on suspicion of drunken driving, just hours after he made his debut as head coach at the team's Arco Arena home.

Musselman provided two Breathalyzer tests to California Highway Patrol officers, showing a blood-alcohol level of .11 percent, according to an arrest report filed at the Sacramento County jail. The legal limit in California is .08 percent.

Lawyer John Virga appeared in Sacramento Superior Court Monday morning on Musselman's behalf, saying he needed additional time to check whether the Breathalyzer test used on his client was properly calibrated.

The arraignment was postponed to Dec. 20.

Musselman has not yet entered a plea. As a first-time DUI offender, he faces a minimum sentence that can include probation, fines and suspension of driving privileges. The charge may also be reduced to reckless driving.

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