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Driving under the influence (or DUI) is a serious offense and can have many California DUI Insurance consequences. If you have ever had a DUI conviction, you must know that the consequences can be both humiliating and expensive. Aside from the drunk driving fines, California DUI Attorney fees, and license suspension, there are the more long-term consequences, such as the affect on your car insurance rates and coverage are just a few examples of the California DUI Insurance Consequences.

If you are convicted of a CA DUI, usually, your insurance company will find out about the DUI and will deal with you in one of two ways. Typically, your rates will go up, sometimes substantially, or, the company will simply cancel your policy. If your insurance company raises your premiums but keeps you as an insured, you will likely be labeled a "high-risk driver", being one of many California DUI Insurance Consequences. Most states want the insurance company to provide the state motor vehicle agency (California DMV DUI, MVD) with an SR-22 Proof of Insurance Certificate, which removes your license suspension by providing the state with proof that you are insured.

Insurance After a DUIWhile this is all starting to sound fine and dandy, the catch is that not all insurance companies offer SR-22 policies. So your policy may be non-renewed or cancelled simply because the company can no longer provide insurance for you. In some states, insurers can't cut you off in the middle of the policy term, so be sure to check the laws where you live.

Another less-likely scenario and California DUI Insurance Consequences is that your insurance company doesn't find out about your DUI because, for whatever reason, it slips through the cracks of red tape. Occasionally, your insurer will not raise your rates or cancel you if you've been a long time insured with no other blemishes on your record if you have a DUI In California. But this is also unlikely.

If your policy is cancelled or non-renewed, you will still be able to find insurance. It will not likely be one of the preferred carriers, like AAA, Allstate or Geico, but some other well-known companies (such as State Farm and Progressive Insurance) and other smaller companies will cover you and file the SR-22 for you so your license may be reinstated. Your rates will likely be higher, particularly because a DUI violation, under California DUI Law, stays on your driving record for anywhere from five years to the rest of your life, depending on the state you're in, which is just one of the many California DUI Insurance Consequences. To find new insurance coverage after a DUI, it's probably best to go through an independent agent who works with many different insurance companies.

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