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Important Factors for the California DUI Criminal Case

Criminal Drunk Driving CaseAfter the DMV hearing, the accused person must face the criminal proceeding according to California DUI Law. The drunk driving penalties in California are set forth by statute and can be complicated, however, a qualified California DUI lawyer can help you. The basic statute allows a range of possible CA DUI sentences, but there may be changes to the sentence based on a few factors according to California DUI law:

Within the range that is set forth by statute, the sentence in a DUI case will be affected by such factors as:

  • The Various Facts of the Case
  • The Policies of the Prosecutors and Local Courthouse
  • The Weaknesses or "Holes" in the Case, as Uncovered by the Defense Attorney
  • The Reputation of the California DUI Attorney

Note that the results of the breath, blood or urine test will be a factor in working out the charges that will be brought against you and the possible sentences. If you were driving with a blood-alcohol level of over .08%, then there has been a DUI offense. Please remember, yet, that the DUI laws relate to the blood-alcohol level at the time you were driving, and not the time you had the test. This is a important difference that may be used in your favor. It is also important to understand that the tests - particularly the breath tests - are unreliable to sum up susceptible to attack by an experienced California DUI lawyer.

Contact an Experienced California DUI Lawyer
Experienced DUI lawyers know which arguments work and which ones don't. If your DUI attorney can get your charge cut from a felony DUI to a misdemeanor DUI, it is considered a major win. In fact, he may be able to get your case dismissed, which is the final goal. He can also help you with your California DMV hearing issues.

If you have any questions or would like to speak directly with an experienced DUI attorney regarding your charge of driving under the influence, please call the firm's San Francisco, California office at 415-552-6000, or toll-free at 800-901-1888 for a FREE CONSULTATION. Mr. Tayac can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you prefer, you may e-mail the firm, or fill out the form on the Contact Info & Directions or Free Case Evaluation pages of this website, and a knowledgeable California DUI lawyer will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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