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Felony DUI In California

The California DUI laws and California DUI Penalties are some harshest in the country, when you get a felony DUI in California. Only an aggressive California DUI Lawyer with the knowledge of CA DUI law will command the best possible resolution of your pending criminal DUI and California DMV DUI drunk driving case.

You start being charged with a felony DUI in California. Depending on the facts of the case and, more important, who your DUI lawyer is will decide if you may be able to get your DUI case reduced down to a lesser offense.

The most important aspect of getting your DUI case reduced is if the reduced charge is prior able in the future as a DUI. A California DUI and wet reckless will be looked at in the future as prior convictions to make greater the punishment should you get another DUI or Wet Reckless.

A dry reckless or an exhibition of speed charge is not prior able as a felony DUI In California and is what your shooting for reducing your DUI case. California statutes describe DUI's and the lesser related offenses along with some jury instructions would give you a better understanding of what the charge is, and more important, what the prosecution must prove to convict you of the particular felony DUI in California charge.

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